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  1. Not yet. That’s the one that was rated PG-13 or R so that (theoretically) most kids couldn’t see it on their own, right? Even though it wasn’t that violent? When I was a kid, I’m pretty sure the prevailing adult attitude was “toughen up and take it.” One problem with that is that’s asking me to change my personality to accommodate people who are acting in an anti-social way (another is that there were more of them than of me). I really believe there’s an empathy deficit that’s growing, and that’s why instead of helping the poor it’s easier to mock them or lecture them. But people like my parents remembered what it was like to be poor.

  2. It’s not really bullying in this commercial. I agree that the little snarky girl is a presumptuous know-it-all, and speaks to an adult in a very uncalled for, inappropriate way. However, there is no threatening, and nothing is done by the child that couldn’t be corrected by someone telling the girl “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything”.
    My wife and I hate the ATT commercial as well, because we are tired of seeing adults -especially parents, portrayed as idiots who get bossed around by their ill-behaved kids. It’s as if the marketers are saying, “get this product and your brat chat will love you more”. Whereas bad parents deserve bad kids, I’m just tired of seeing them being marketed to while I’m trying to enjoy my shows.

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