Everyday lessons children learn (a minor rant in D sharp) — 2 Comments

  1. I imagine that a college student might choose to buy a bike after coming to campus and then just abandon it. But why abandon it with a lock on it? Why not sell it or just give it to that bike shop? (Miyatas, I think, are pretty good bikes.)

    • I can’t imagine discarding anything so pricy as a bicycle, but my family wasn’t affluent. When I finally had to get a new bike a few years ago, I left my old bike (reluctantly—I’d have kept it if I had a garage for nostalgia’s sake) in the alley. It was over 40 years old, but I figured someone could do something with it or the parts.

      Here’s more about Blackstone Bicycle Works. These kids could even fix up those abandoned children’s bikes for a younger sibling, I bet.

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