Bookman’s Alley in Evanston, Illinois — 2 Comments

  1. It is sad that this sort of bookstore is disappearing. We had one in Wilmington, Daughtry’s, which he sold when his health became an issue (in his 80’s). The person who bought it was not able to make it go, unfortunately so another one is lost.

    He had books on the floor, stashed in closets, etc. but if you asked and he had it, he knew about where it was. I got some treasures there which I still cherish. I miss the place a lot.

  2. Thanks, Malette. There are a few more photos here:

    When Borders opened in Hyde Park, which has several cooperative bookstores and a couple of great used bookstores, a reporter asked a student why she would prefer a chain like Borders. She was more comfortable there — it’s what she was used to. I thought that in itself was sad — when I came to college here, it wasn’t so I could feel like I was at home in Hamburg, New York — it was so I could experience new things like one-of-a-kind used bookstores with Persian cats named Lady Jane in the window.

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