"Clothes make the man" — 1 Comment

  1. Funerals, I guess. That’s the only place I see people still wearing suits and dresses. At least here in California, home of year round shorts and t attire. My jaw dropped one Sunday many years ago when I saw a woman show up at church in short-shorts and a halter top. I suppose she couldn’t be bothered tieing a wrap around her bum. Amazingly, no one else seemed to bat an eye; I guess they were used to her attire.

    I remember the days when one dressed up for doctor’s appointments and airline trips. If you look at the ads of the fifties, everyone was dressed smartly as they skipped up the jetway and turned to give bon voyage waves to their friends. Come to think of it, those were the days when taking a plane ride was an occasion, not a daily shlep.

    The future of dress and other social mores? I wonder. Our daughter works for a Big 8 consulting firm whose HQ is in Boston, and business casual is still the rule. She rather likes the feeling of getting dressed up to go to work and meet with clients. Nicely tailored pants, cashmere sweater – may those always be classics and never out of style.

    As always you have written a thoughtful and thought-provoking post.

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