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  1. Your writing is just what I need to help me motivate for my journal. In the meantime, I am setting it up along with my website so they can be ready before next year. So, you attend writing classes? What are they like? Do they help a lot?

    Oh and the elections for the American President seem unfair, I agree. If I was in America and a bit older, I would have liked to vote for Obama yet apparently McCain and Palin seem to be doing well, to my dislike.

  2. Hi, NyNy, thanks for stopping by and for the positive comments.

    I think some writing classes can be very helpful. The one I was in was not for me. I need help learning the basics of plotting (and getting over the idea I have no stories worth telling). The class focused on reading stories the instructor likes for certain reasons and which I didn’t like at all. Plus, there was one person whose work and opinion were dominant, and he was critical of everyone, especially me, but not so much of himself. Funny how that works.

    I would say just keep writing and reading and reading others’ work. More importantly, live life. Writing isn’t so much about putting pretty words on paper as it is putting experiences into words and phrases that sing. I learned that living is more important than writing far too late in life.

    I try to not get too involved in politics, but what I find increasingly disturbing and disheartening are the labeling and the wedge driven down the middle. If you are moderate, you are not moderate but a “leftist” or worse. I don’t believe extremism serves anyone well.

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