Doctor Atomic, my first opera — 2 Comments

  1. For a person who hates ballet and opera, this was a marvelous review. But it makes me wonder how you came to the conclusion that you hate opera if you have never seen one before.

    Opera is an acquired taste. Once embraced it is addictive–all the nuts going to Bayreuth and such.

    I would probably never listen to a recording of this opera in particular. It is truly something you have to witness.

    Perhaps because I am a musician, or because I know so many of the members of the orchestra, I was, and always have been mesmerized by the pit and the conductor. That was an important part of the spectacle for me. Fortunately I am close enough to see all.

    Thanks for your insights. Go see another opera.

  2. Thanks for the feedback—it made me go back and correct a bunch of typos and correct the spelling of Mr. Maddalena’s name!

    Although I am a musician only in the sense I can read notes and make them occur on a clarinet, and cut my teeth on grade school and high school bands, I am always fascinated by orchestras and how they work together. Mr. Spano was very quick to give credit to the musicians, which I like to see, and the audience the night I went was as enthusiastic over them as the other performers.

    I’ll see another opera if my friend offers. 🙂

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