Fall of an elder (tree) — 5 Comments

  1. After finding that houses on my old block in NYC were torn down, I’ve come to think of Google Maps as an at least temporary archive of the defunct. Your tree — I think — is there: look for 5594 S Hyde Park Blvd and use Street View.

  2. Dead trees always have an interesting look, especially if they are in the middle of a field (like some of the others around here, or were around here).

    I still miss all the big guys uprooted by the October storm a few years ago.

  3. A microburst split our most prominent red maple. We had it taken down shortly afterward. It was the focal point from inside the house and out.

    A few years earlier our Pastor gave a sermon that talked about trees. He had a favorite tree that he drew strength from. He ended by suggesting that we go home that day and pick a favorite tree. The tree I picked was the red maple that was damaged.

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