Book review: Flat Rock Journal — 3 Comments

  1. Flat Rock Journal is one of my favorite books. I used to give copies to friends. This review is ridiculous. Because Carey and family are not living the perfect ecological life she criticizes him even to suggesting he and his future wife should have found a tree to couple under instead of the spontaneous love they shared. This book is about him and his personal relationship to his environment; he never cĺaims to be an exemplary being.
    The reviewer plainly had expectations of what Carey’s book should have been that were not met. She might try reading books with a more open mind and forego expectations. That will surely result in a more enjoyable reading experience.

  2. There is a phrase that is popular in my community that says, “Game recognizes game.” And it points to a well documented principle in psychology; the fact that extremely egotistical people are irked by even the normally proportionate egos of others. Your critique of his work seems rather obsessive in its level of detail and I fear that your problem with Ken Carey’s “ego” is that it threatens your own clearly delicate, oversized and self-absorbed personna.
    But you are, of course, still entitled to your own opinion. And it doesn’t make you a bad person. Just perhaps an inexperienced one. Finding ways to expand your acceptance of others in the world could perhaps bring a more positive framework to your life and your opinions about life.

    One love.

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