Lessons and Carols for Christmas Eve — 2 Comments

  1. The chapel is truly an impressive space. I relished reading the website, whose link you provided. I read that it has a Skinner organ, which must’ve been wonderful to experience. It says that the organ is one of two that are still in existence. It doesn’t say where the other is, but I guessed that it’s at Saint John the Divine Cathedral in NYC.

    We visited Saint John last year. But it was still under re-construction, and no service was taking place at the time.

    I’m glad to worship in a church that has a pipe organ. (And I sing with the choir, as well.) When I am moved, it’s usually from the music. I occasionally have to stop listening to the entire sound we make when we sing lest I become breathless with awe.

    If you have even a slight ability to sing in key, consider joining a church choir. It’s a wonderful experience, and many choirs are eager to receive new members.

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