What is a life worth? — 3 Comments

  1. Life-taker as anti-life. Indeed so, in some instances. But even we (former) Army officers have the *required* duty not to obey certain orders.

    Much to think on here, lady. I’ll seen what evolutes later this fifth day of 2007.

    Lord guide, Lady heal; best blessings this night.


  2. Many Indians included thanking the animals they hunted as part of their rituals and spirituality; I was just reading about the northern hunters in 1492 edited by Alvin Josephy.

    I am not against legal hunting (although I realize now that isn’t obvious), but against the thoughtlessness and even glee with which some killing is done.

    There’s a great line in a Star Trek episode after Data disobeys orders because he has found a better way to deal with the situation but doesn’t have time to explain, about “I was just following orders” being used an excuse. I spend so much time questioning “authority” that I doubt I would be much use in the military. 🙂

  3. The notion of returning grace for grace is part of most, erm, non-traditional {grin} paths; I feel quite uncomfortable not doing so in my own personal acts.

    I stopped actively hunting after I medically retired from the service. I did continue to go into the field with people I trust who were both armed and behind my back. I stopped even those trips after I started to see that same idiot glee you mention on the part of other people who I’d seen in the same hunting area for years. Had I not developed personal
    objections to my hunting for personal reasons, the profound feeling of disgust based on that mindlessness would have been sufficient.

    The classic excuse of ‘I was only following orders’ is known as the Nuremberg defence for a good reason, after all. As for questioning authority, even the military services consider it to be one of the ways to improve non-combat performance. The combat side of the question is what I’m giving more critical thought to.



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