Dream: Locked out — 6 Comments

  1. I remember you — you were the strange one.

    Wait! We were all strange. 🙂

    And you just walked into one of my strange dreams (the one about being locked out). Of course, I’ve had weirder.

    How are you doing? Do you still keep in touch with anyone from the old days? And are you following Joel’s new project? 🙂 (I read about it on BoingBoing.)

  2. We were strange, but fun and funny!

    As a matter of fact, I do! Scott (you may remember him as scotwest) and I just went out on Monday with Alice (dormouse) and Elizabeth–I forget her mst aol name! She was the Bridget Brigade fit model, if that helps! 🙂
    Also see Laura (PJKnievel) from time to time, scot sometimes works with her on movie stuff.

    Sheri (podperson) has a great blog, World O Crap that Scot also posts on (and sometimes I add a post or two).

    We are all over Cinematic Titanic! We got the dvd last week, and it not only passed muster, it rocked!

    I’ve been to the CT website and they have a message board–JC cubby showed up, and then our old pal MSampo showed up, couldn’t figure out how to register, so I posted the links one needs, and then he posted once, and that was it. Maybe it was something I said? 😉

    How about you? Have you heard from any of the old gang?

  3. I checked out World-o-Crap—very cool! They’re naturals. Thanks for the update.

    I got bad about keeping up with people so I haven’t, except Nancie and Trudi once in a while. Oh, and despite my laziness Robo and Lizz are still good about letting me know when they have new sprouts.

    As you can see from some of the recent videos, I’m into a local thing called PuppetBike—a puppet theatre on a bicycle, with vintage Steiff puppets. No, I’m not into puppets per se. Yet, I can’t stop giving them tips! A friend and I plan to go to the anniversary bash.

    E-mail me at or before we confuse the 2 people who read this thing. 🙂

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