Looney Tunes and fuzzy pencil love — 7 Comments

  1. Perhaps, but I’m running out of both money and closet space. I don’t write enough to justify 20,000 pencils, sharpeners, erasers, grips, etc., and all that paper, too. I keep saying, “No more,” and yet . . . I need a 12-step program.

  2. Right on, write on!!!

    What wonderful pencils! Apparently, it is a common addiction because I blissfully “suffer’ from it, too! It’s a very good addiction to have. I could spend a quiet afternoon just LOOKING at my pencils. I am considering purchasing a set of Lilly Pulitzer pencils. Love the colors and patterns. Writing, drawing, doodling, coloring…pencils are conduits for our hopes and dreams.

    Ah, then there’s the paper! How I love paper! I classify my art material and office product loves all under one rubric = school supplies. Everything is “school supplies.” What can I say? School supplies make me happy! They are so inspirational. I think if you are creative you NEED stuff.


  3. 20,000? Maybe you are saying that you do want to write or draw more? At least (I hope, unlike me) a reporter hasn’t called you for a story on people with odd interests.

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