Book review: Mansfield Park — 5 Comments

  1. I thought you might have written something about MP here!

    In the final chapter — a heavy hand, indeed.

    I too have great respect for Fanny. She seems to me a great example of a character who pushes against the norms to the best of her ability.

  2. I waited too long after reading to write, so not one of my better attempts. While many find Fanny a weak and annoying character, I had more trouble with Edmund — he is quick to excuse Miss Crawford even of the obvious, and chooses to think that she will somehow do a 180 on her opinion of religion and the clergy, and of money and position. A wiser man would know — ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Diane, re: the French: Mary Crawford, at the end of Chapter 4: “If you can persuade Henry to marry, you must have the address of a Frenchwoman.” (Not sure if there’s more of that French tinge to come.)

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