Please Mr. Postman (the blue U.S. mailbox) — 2 Comments

  1. I got up this morning, prepared a pot of coffee, sat down, found this link on OfficeSupplyGeek’s site, and read my way through what I have been trying to say about letters for quite some time. It’s rather difficult to convince anyone to take the time to write a letter, and this is a good thesis as to why we should continue the practice. Unfortunately referring some of my friends to this site will require getting them to read, which is also alarmingly difficult in recent years. “Why are you reading? Are you bored?” No, as a matter of fact, I actually set aside time for reading AND writing letters. Crazy, huh?

    Thank you for putting together this blog/article. It good to know there are still die-hards out there.

  2. Welcome, Alex, and thank you. Every day I hear “bang it out,” which shows how much thought goes into life. Faster and faster, and less and less productive. You can bet that John and Abigail Adams didn’t “bang out” letters, but put some thought into their thoughts.

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