Ralph Schirf (dad) — to be continued — 5 Comments

  1. One year we had sunflowers all along the front of the trailer. They must have been 7 – 8 feet tall by the end of summer with huge sunflowers on top. Sunflower seeds were in that year.

    Ah, yes. I pushed that lawn mower many times. Bare footed some times. Green feet and all. Even mowed the horseshoe course.

  2. Thank you very much for this. It was a very kind thing to do for your father, and a nice preservation of history.

  3. Apparently, my father was the reason that your brother was named Virgil–even as he designated me so classically three years before your brother’s birth. However, I had the tale from Dad that he was named Virgil because my Grandfather was part of a group of motorcycle riders (perhaps a gang in 1921) among whom was a Virgil from West Virginia, and that unlucky Virgil met his end playing chicken with a freight train about the same time that my father was born the 8th of 16 to Ann Schirf-Strohmeyer.

    I am now working in Washington at State and have lived extended periods overseas. I never used a car until my daughter was due some 16 years ago and always rode motorcycles or bikes, but I went in that direction before learning the story above.

    By the bye, I found your blog by entering my name into the Italian search engine “VIRGILIO.” I have found it one of the best for bibliographical searches, and I wanted to know which of my books and articles were still in print. My father, Virgil, died in 2011 at the age of 90. He had nine children, of whom I am the eldest and we are all still living.

    Feel free to write and to pass my name to Virgil–Arma virumque cano. Please tell me if any of the stories I think are true are less than really so.


  4. Virgil Strohmeyer was my father. He often talked about his cousin Ralph. He died last June 7 (2011) at 90. It was great to read about the Pennsylvania side of the family. My dad had 15 brothers and sisters (2 died before the age of 5). Only my uncle Regis (83) and my aunts, Martha and Billy (92) are still alive. Most of his siblings had 8-10 kids. There are a lot of us in Ohio.

  5. What an interesting story…..brings back memories of visiting you at home, and how nice your parents were. My father is retired from the Ford plant, and also watched Archie Bunker on All in the Family as well…I look forward to more….

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