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  1. I can’t stand reality tv or American sitcoms. A few years ago, I gave up cable for financial reasons, and being surrounded by granite, that equated to giving up tv. Only things I have missed were the Discover channel and the History channel.

  2. My cousin is a History Channel devotee, but in his house it’s known as the “Hitler Channel”—for a while, that’s all they showed (after all, there’s not much surviving footage from the Civil War, his conflict of choice. :))

    I should give up cable as I spend $70 a month to watch maybe 2–4 hours, which makes no sense at all. I would watch more if (1) it did not remind me that my hearing is failing and (2) I could get off my duff and buy a sofa.

    I do listen to Chuck Schaden’s Those Were the Days, old-time radio classics. The Shadow knows . . . muhahaha!


  3. The History Channel does get a bit… er, warlike at times.

    I was in the hospital for a few days back in August, and thanks to insomnia, I spent my first time watching tv (for more than a passing minute or two)in years. I was apalled at how quickly I slipped into mindless, watch anything mode. (Okay, so at 2am options are limited, but still!) I chose to blame it on the meds.

  4. As a kid, I watched TV pretty readily, so when I was 14 and hospitalized for a week, I thought I would die . . . DIE . . . when my parents opted not to pay for TV in my hospital room (not a standard amenity in those days). I was forced to listen to radio, read, and reflect. It seemed awful. Now it’s my life. 🙂

  5. Wonderful post — I really enjoyed it. If I remember correctly, Billie Holiday once said that she knew she had kicked drugs (at least for a time) when she could no longer bear to watch television.

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