Reflections on offshore outsourcing — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for the link to the article. What a dehumanized world we live in it.

    I was thinking that someone still has to physically hand the burger and fries over. I’m waiting for the announcement that a robot arm will now do that.

    (This aspect is theoretical to me as I don’t drive.)

  2. One of our office numbers used to be a residential number; as a result, it gets nailed by telemarketing daily. Not telemarketers: recorded speeches. My favourite is the one that claims she can get a better rate on my mortgage. Wouldn’t my landlady be thrilled?!

    I remain thankful that there are still small companies who know that outsourcing support may be cheaper on payroll, but that it costs a business in so many other ways, and that real customer service is valued, perhaps moreso now that it’s scarce.

  3. I used to be polite to telemarketers; no longer. I will interrupt once to tell them I am not interested. If they push on impolitely I tell them I mean NO and will hang up. The political telemarketers soliciting donations usually receive a piece of my mind and I can hear them shuffling scripts in the background. My remarks usually don’t follow a predictable pattern. I only do that so they can make a mark in the “irate, incensed with most elected officials” column. I understand they are only trying to make a living, but they won’t make a sale from someone who doesn’t want to listen to them – they’ll only irritate us all the more.

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