Relics: Telephone booth, or Superman’s changing room — 2 Comments

  1. In the late ’70s, one of the classroom buildings at my college had a phone booth, dark wood, overhead light, and a shelf-like seat. Talk about luxury. I remember using the phone just for the sake of the booth.

  2. My dormitory’s lounge had two phone booths like that. I wonder if the fancy new dorm on 55th Street has any landlines, if only at, say, a front desk for emergencies. Meanwhile, i wonder if today’s college students could imagine talking to your parents once a week (long distance is expensive!) and not having a Zoom/Facetime, etc., option. Although I get the impression texting is the deal. Do parents worry more or less being in constant contact? Were my parents better off not knowing what was going on for a week or more at time?

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