Scattershot musings — 2 Comments

  1. Ready for scattershot comments?

    If the bass clarinet isn’t the most appropriate instrument for a misfit, I don’t know what is. I don’t think our school even had one. If it did, I’m sure the band director would’ve asked me to try to play it. I don’t mean any offense by this. I’m an odd-ball, too.

    All that attention being put on the two Obama girls bothers me. That’s one reason why I decided to not run for President. The other reasons escape me, but one might be something along the lines of being infinitely unqualified.

    Limo/hearse is a wonderful mix-up. I have this idea of altering a wedding photo so that the happy couple is getting into their hearse.

  2. To beat the cold try wearing heavier socks. I’m amazed by how dramatically that helps me (one who typically gets cold easily). . . I actually wear leggings and for the first time (living in the damp greater Seattle area) even my butt feels warmer now that I’ve learned to keep the lower extremities bundled up.

    ~ SunTiger

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