Single DNA in a paired world — 3 Comments

  1. Oddly, I was thinking about this yesterday. My co-worker routinely puts child issues above being at work. Yesterday started with “My daughter is sick and my wife can’t leave the office, so if she can’t stay at school…” He has weekend visitations with his son from a prior marriage, and has even gone so far as to state that leaving early to go get him in a blizzard – in his SUV – was more important than my nearly getting in an accident just trying to get home after 2 more hours of snow had fallen.

    But because I made a conscious choice not to have children, I can’t say a word about any of it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr………

  2. Southwest Airlines just changed their boarding policy, boarding families with small children second, and their blog readers were up in arms about the inconvenience, saying, “I’ll never fly Southwest again,” etc. After reading dozens of these, I am amazed that some people have children, given how much they complain about the effort they’re put to!

  3. Another example of a person who believes he is the privileged center of the universe because he has a child: A young man brought his baby in a folding stroller onto a rush-hour bus. Apparently, he’s never heard the constant admonitions of the automated nag system, which among other things reminds you to fold your stroller or cart if the bus becomes crowded.

    He chose to park it near the front, taking up three-quarters of the aisle and making it difficult for anyone to get on the bus at all. Although it was a holiday (Columbus Day), the bus was crowded because it connects north-south routes with the west-side train stations and offices, so those who didn’t have the day off still use it to get to work.

    He could easily have lifted the baby (not a toddler) out and folded the cart; instead he let everyone trip over the stroller trying to get onto the bus—including two disabled women with canes. And he seemed utterly clueless that this was outright rude.

    The bus driver didn’t say anything, either.

    And if I had, I’m sure I would have been seen as a shrill shrew with a withered uterus or something, because who would be less than smarmy with a proud father!

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