The saga of Sunday — 3 Comments

  1. They don’t plow the alleys in Chicago and yesterday’s foot of snow is sure to freeze hard in the coming deep freeze, so I had that to do and I looked forward to it. Let’s see, I had cleaning to do, class-planning, a report to write, and a lot of other non-fun things. So, at 4, I went out and shoveled the alley. I feel like I did a full day’s work and I can sit a bit. Didn’t add one fact to the world’s sum of knowledge, but I shoved around a bunch of snow, very rewarding for a Sunday afternoon.

  2. You just described how I attempt to get out the door every morning. I imagine myself walking 1/4 mile around the house fetching the wallet I left in the other pair of pants, the keys that are in the other jacket, the snack bars I left in the office, the lunch in the refrigerator, the gloves in the closet. Of course, that all happens after I’ve put on my shoes.

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