University of Chicago Convocation, 1983 — 2 Comments

  1. Once upon a time, I was asked to “crank out copy.” Not “craft” (an expression I loathe) but “crank out” (which I loathe slightly more). I’m not sure what term that association went with but failing the typing test was an automatic out.

    An interview I had with a different association started with a lengthy test of my psychology. One question was (paraphrased), “After a work day, do you: go home and vegetate, go out drinking with coworkers, or [I can’t remember but some equally disturbing choice]?” I remember feeling like my choices were to be a hopeless loner, a social alcoholic, or some other unpalatable choice. I didn’t get the job for reasons unknown, and the hiring manager contacted me maybe six months later to say the association was kaput and she was out of work.

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