Fisher-Price #969 Ferris wheel — 7 Comments

  1. Hi. I recently bought a #969 Ferris Wheel on eBay as a gift for my daughter. My “mean kid” sports a yellow shirt and blue hat. Unfortunately it came with ‘little people’ who don’t match the wheel and only tip out of the baskets. Would you mind taking a photo of the ‘little people’ (and dog) that are part of your set? I am having trouble finding ‘little people’ who will sit in the seats while the wheel goes around.


  2. I have the exact wheel described in the article. 1966 Swiss made, blue shirt/yellow sideways cap grinder, 3 kids and black dog riders (riders still in the original plactic securing them to the baskets). only flaws are a small chip in one corder of the base and normal usage on sticker around turn knob. post email to send pics and I’ll do it.

  3. I just got one from ebay and while it’s in good shape none of the various little people (all eras) will stay in their seats- they tip out. Any advice?

  4. HT—I’m not sure as my seats don’t tip when the wheel turns, and the people actually fit onto posts on my version (I’m not sure that’s true on all versions). All I can think of is double-sided tape or somesuch, as long as you don’t mind any marks it leaves on the wood . . .

  5. I have mine – but it has a green shirt, red hat and made in Japan. Lots of stickers gone but still works and base is in good condition. We have lots of little people but not sure which go with this set. We also have the school house and barn sets.
    Definitely will hold onto these and enjoy them but like most vintage toys if they were mass produced they aren’t worth as much…exception would be those early versions:) Enjoy!

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