Fishing for eagles — 2 Comments

  1. bohzo (Hello) Slywy

    I love this article, the Bald Eagle is such a great creature. I watch them all the time, they have them near lower Michigan.

    Don’t feel so lonely, many people live a life similar to yours I bet. Life is not full of excitement very often.

    I like your cat, I have a Siamese, he is very old and he has really been a good pal to me.

    Have a great day. You should register your blog with myblog log, that is a busier place than blogger. They are on twitter and have 10,000 members on the twitter account.


  2. bohzo (bonjour),

    I’ll have one more eagle journey to post, with the best photos yet. They seem to have moved north now, so my friend and I didn’t go this weekend.

    I don’t worry about life being exciting—too much an introvert. Just would like to let go of worry.

    Hodge is a psychotic cat who is at least not quite as bad as when I first got him. He gets the orange “WILL BITE” sticker at the veterinarian’s. Should have one at home, too. Siamese are great cats, but is yours as chatty as some? And as loud? 🙂

    I am on mybloglog; I just don’t use it very often. I’m on a lot of sites I just never get around to . . .

    I’ve been reading your blog. Still shaking my head over the person not liking the Indian news in Missoula. How sad.

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