Ignatius the tenacious — 5 Comments

  1. Before you head off for surgery, it’s good to do one or more of teh following: Have the house cleaned professionally by some yob or the other (you can always get your friends together and tell them you need these things and they should do them for you); Cook enough freezable food to last you for about 1 month, and freeze it – hearty stews and soups are best, cos you won’t feel like cooking for a bit; and see if you can get close friends and relatives to visit regularly on a schedule (like, right around when you have to take your meds. Best of luck, and death to Iggie!

  2. Now that I’ve seen the Igster, it’s time to bid him bye bye. He does look freakishly steakish.


  3. Hi Diane,

    I have been following Ignatius’ escapade with interest because I, too, have fibroids. Are there any new developments, details, or tidbits? What happened at your pre-op appt.? Are you looking forward to getting it over? I suspect you are simply taking it easy, trying to relax and be in the right frame of mind for your surgery and skipping blogging for the time being.

    Good luck to you, Diane, and to Dr. M., too. May God bless you with a successful surgery and a good health outcome.

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